Best map / Biggest map for long range sniping

hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me on finding a good map for long range sniping. i usually snipe on the nansha strike map from the naval warfare dlc ,but i want to break my previous record which is 1998.91. ive seen people get 3000+ m headshots and i really want to break my record and get closer to be #1 on the longest headshot distance. thanks for any help.

Seige of Shanghai has some god long range sniping, but it is sniping either up or down, not “across”.

im actually am looking for across the map but seige of shanghai its a pretty good one also. speacially in hardcore.

One shot, one kill

Golmund is good

Goldmud and Silk Road. On Caspian its exactly 1100m from one base to the other

Would love to see a video/gif of someone taking a 1100m shot