Beta Test Idea

Okay, so apparently there is a large enough part of the community that wants bolt actions for more than just sniping, this is based on how many Youtubers have made videos on this topic and by the discussions in comments. I have a proposition, use the beta as a test. Give medics bolt actions with no optical attachments and if it makes the medics too powerful, then the discussion is over. But if it cause no real problem, then let them stay. Lets use the beta as an experiment to end this discussion.

Beta testing is not really for new feature enhancements, but to test what is already built. The game is what they call “feature developed” as in there is no more new condepts being added, now it is tweaking and testing.

With regards to new content, that is usually brought in by way of DLC

But this isn’t new content. The models and statistics already exist inside the game. You wouldn’t have to create any thing just copy and paste.

And it could be made even simpler. Only the Gewehr and the Enfield well be accessible allies of Germany would get the Gewehr and only allies of England would get the Enfield, going off the idea that the beginning weapon selection works like BF3.

hrmm- you may be onto something there…

Not a bad idea, but the developers have said they’re not really gonna add ‘anymore features into the game,’ as easy as it may be.
So, I’m pretty sure DICE are super happy with what they already have and the tests are just to look for bugs and see player’s feedback on the builds. I hate how most developers these days only do betas to stir up hype. Like, seriously? If you’re gonna do that, just release the game early, it’s pretty much the same thing as what you’re doing!

You have to ply the marketing game in order to drive up sales!

NOT a reason for a beta.

True, but I can assure you that the technical teams want a beta so they can push out a solid product. I suspect the beta is really to test the infrastructure, and not the code base. They need a way to test the matchmaking, server browser system en masse.

Sorry if I mislead you, I’m not talking about Battlefield 1’s beta, I know they care alot about the state of their games. I mean look at the Community Operations, they really care.

Did the comunity operations ma ever get released? I cant remember playing it

cold, just cold