BF1 Single-Player Campaign Importance

Hey everyone! I made a video discussing the importance of the BF1 Single-Player campaign. I would love to know what y’all think and get a discussion going!

Nice video man. Thanks for sharing.

One thought, good vs evil… this is interesting because it gives EA an opportunity to do something not many historical shooters have done in the past. There was no good or evil, not in this war. Truly there is none in any war, but it can be argued that while most German soldiers in WW 2 were fighting for their homes like everyone else, the Nazis have become the go to villain for many historical shooters because of the harm hitler left on the world. But these aren’t Nazis in BF 1. There was no aggressive invasion, no large scale genocide. Just a small fight between two countries that escalated for no reason other than treaties and alliances. There were no evil villains, no plans for world domination. Just men being told that they had to fight to end all wars. If EA pauses in the game for even a moment to acknowledge this, it may lead to a moment when you can’t even pull the trigger, because the guy on the other end is no different than you (besides you know… he’s code, any way.) Real teary eyed moment await in this game with some great ideas on what a war actually is.

Dude, I have thought these same exact thoughts. While I would argue that WWI did have a glimer of this “good v. evil” dichotomy; it is much more morally ambiguous when compared to the conflicts in WWII. As you said, EA could really pull some heart strings with the material and historical context provided by the WWI setting.

Great vid mate, totally agree about games getting back to history and every games needs a good single player, especially for the players that don’t want to play online, I’m generally one of those, i don’t want a game thats useless when the lobbies are empty.

Yeah - SP is very important for people with dodgy internet connections (rural communities etc). I used to be one, so I feel the pain with multiplayer gaming. hard to be competitive when you are rocking 300 pings

Totally agree mate.

Are you one of the poor people with a crappy internet service?

I don’t have great service, but the real reason off line modes are important to me is that I’m simply not good enough to go online and let team mates down and end up having people abuse me, that would wreck the whole experience.
At this point in my early shooter days, I like to go it alone against bots offline in a campaign or skirmish/mission style, i can go at my own pace, learn about the game, theres no pressure and jumping on for an hour doing that gives me a fix just fine.
Ha, i can’t be going online to let all you guys down just yet :slight_smile:

@Anzac what will help is if you find a noob friendly server (sorry, no offence, just referring to the type of server) and they give the TS details, you should join the TS, usually it’s a bunch of people who are not great at the game but they are there just to have fun in the game and do silly challenges among each other, like trying to kill each other with jeep stuff or using mare’s leg only, you can also disable the chat in-game, this helps a lot especially when on a full server, then you don’t get upset with the trolls or the sicko’s who has no respect for anyone and just blurts out racist or serious disease comments, but on these noob friendly servers, there is active admin and the ones I have seen, the golden rule is “racism = ban” which I think is really awesome, so the trolls and the ragers also get dealt with

I have been there playing on my own, I usually disable the chat as it is soooo damn poison, as much as I love online multiplayer games, other people should never game…

Luckily, I found some really awesome servers and usually I have a awesome time just talking to people on TS

Cheers my friend, kind advice, its not things like racism that upset me to be honest, just don’t want to let others down, a noob friendly server sounds like a good idea if i decide to get online, cheers

Well, when BF1 comes out, let’s squad up. I promise not to abuse you. Much.

LOL@! First thing I do is disable the ingame chat… TS FTW

Haha thank you for the kind offer, you might have to watch out for the odd stray bullet :wink:

Lol :smiley: yes the chat in game is so poisoned with rotten tomatoes… It actually me rage quit from time to time so I disabled it

Only happy to help @Anzac :slight_smile:
We must remember that we play games because it’s fun, most people miss that point so very often, we all can’t be pro players, if I want to get serious, I should not try this in BF4, I should rather go play Rainbow Six Siege then, haha

Yeah - the language out of what sounds like 8 year olds is truly unbelievable…