Hi everyone,

I am Blackburn (from South Africa) and I like to play games, a lot, especially shooter games, Battlefield 4 being my favorite shooter of all time but I do enjoy other shooters from time to time. (Black ops 3 even…)

I am 29 years of age and currently living and working in Kuwait, there is not much to do here in Kuwait (unless you have a ton of money) and alcohol, bacon and porn is illegal, so I started a YouTube channel with the name, Blackburn just for the fun of it

I use to play on console but my PS3 blue ray drive broke and I could not get it repaired so I joined the PC world in 2011 (i5 CPU, 4GB RAM and a GTS 250 second hand GPU, it was a start), I got my first internet connection for my own house in 2013, I realized I needed internet because of Battlefield 4 reasons and seeing that I loved Battlefield 3 (campaign only) I had to have it. I always was a very social player, then I moved to Kuwait and started to play a lot more! Build a rather powerful PC and do a lot more then just gaming with it.

I use to play paintball and my call sign was also Blackburn, the inspiration comes from Battlefield 3, Sgt. Henry Blackburn, I liked it and since the campaign for Battlefield 3 felt like a proper war and a very good war story (in my opinion) I kept the name, there is also a town called Blackburn, it was the first town to ever undertake mass fingerprinting operation to solve the murder of June Anne Devaney in 1948

That’s it from me, this is a really awesome forum! Looking forward to hearing from everyone :slight_smile:

Hey @Blackburn, we come to our little corner of th einternet.

I gotta ask, what kinda internet speed do you get in Kumwait? (

What are you rocking for a PC now? I love to hear all about the specs, even some pics if you have them

Hi Timelord :slight_smile: thank you for the welcome

Just did a speed test and since DSL is very slow in my area, I had to settle for something called 4G+ gaming package and here is the speedtest results

So great for streaming, I sometimes hit 20 upload speeds!! It’s crazy, best part is I usually get around 116 - 150 ping on Europe servers when playing BF4, which is playable for me, still dreaming of a consistent 50 ping, maybe one day, haha

I started to build my new PC in 2014 and finished it this year in January, it is a bit over kill but since this is my social life, I thought why not? Was waiting for some time for the GPU to launch, haha

CPU: i7 4790K
CPU cooler: Coolermaster seidon 240M
RAM: 4 X 8GB Kingston HyperX beast series (bought the first set in 2014, second set in 2015)
Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1
Main GPU: EVGA GTX 980ti SC
PhysX GPU: EVGA GTX 950 (it also have 2 monitors connected)
SSD: SAMSUNG EVO 840 250GB with Windows 10 pro 64 bit
SSD 2: SAMSUNG EVO 850 500GB (for games)
HDD: 3 X 1TB Seagate Barracuda @ 7200RPM (bit of a mistake, should of least made the one 4TB but sacrificing write speed was my concern) 1 for back ups, 1 for entertainment and 1 for recordings
PSU: Thermaltake 1050 watt semi modular gold plus certified
Main monitor: ASUS VG248QE 24’ 1080p 144Hz monitor
Resource monitors: 2 X 1600 X 900 LG 20’ monitors 60Hz
Mouse: Razer Deathadder 2013
Keyboard: Razer Tournament stealth edition 2014
Headset: Razer Kraken 7.1 chroma
Mic: Razer Seiren
Mouse pad: Steel series QCK heavy
Gamepad: Razer Xbox 360 sabertooth (I am a bit of a razer fanboy)
Action figure: Kratos from God of war, he accompanies my PC when I am not here XD

The 32GB of RAM is for the RAM eater Adobe After Effects, when using the 3D camera tracker… And it was dirt cheap the second set, so I thought why not? Here is some pics

I think in all the time I have spent with networking, yours is the first speedtest I have seen where the upload is faster than the download, and by a significant margin.

Thanks for taking the time to post the pics. Looks like a sweet setup you have. Whats with the chair? Looks like a racing seat or something along those lines…

Yes, I was also amazed to see this… Not that I am complaining, it works well for my needs

Really appreciate it, thank you, very comfortable DXracer chair, I like the look so much I had to have one, there is a side of me who loves motorsport, my uncle use to be a rally driver and later on a navigator, did the Dakar with Giniel De Villiers in 2003 I think it was, use to go and watch him in local races, my whole family is a bit motorsport crazy really, I thought the chair might make me feel more like a race driver when playing Dirt Rally :smiley: but in all honesty it’s just a super comfortable chair and much cheaper then a Ikea proper office chair (in Kuwait ofc)

So are you a fan of F1 at all? Just watched the grand prix that was on this last weekend. Wow. What a start to a race.

I will support any motorsport really, unfortunately my satellite TV does not include any sports, not even rugby, so I try to catch up on everything online which is not always a easy task, haha, some major break downs on the F1?

Yeah - right off the bat there were sparks/partd everywhere. Best two starting laps of a race I have seenin a long time