Can someone help me? Hehe

Hey guys. I dont have much money, can someone help me with my setup please? (CHEAP PARTS)

-PC parts
-Mouse Pad

Thanks! Koji

PD: Im asking for help because im not an expert hehe :3

Hey man, you probably want a PC to run Battlefield 1? Take a look at this list,4390.html

I would recommend to go with a Logitech mouse and a Headset just to get you going, Logitech has a range of mouse and headsets which you can choose from. Desk, well Ikea maybe?

Is the 500$ a good PC? And also, I need a nice laptop for editing videos faster, I like MacBooks, but they are really expensive :confused:

I like to use to give me an idea of builds and costs. Currently the site works in 10 countries including UK, US, Canada etc.

You can get an OK desktop for $500, you are looking for cheap - good is not cheap.

I would highly advise against purchasing a laptop for gaming or any type of strenuous work (video editing). Dump your money into a nice desktop that can serve you for years and can be upgraded.

Laptops will generally cost twice as much for 3x less power, can not be upgraded, and due to being moved around, often get beat-up and break.

Thanks for the help Mr_JimWest!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you build the PC with a SSD. One of the best performance enhancing upgrades you can put in a PC

Yea, SSDs are getting cheaper and cheaper, its a must do. I would suggest 256GB, but you could get away with a 120GB SSD for Windows 10 (which you might as well upgrade to if you have to already). You also have to watch for crappy ones - I would suggest a Samsung 800 series EVO/Pro, anything from Intel, also Munchkin [SIZE=2](made in M’erica)[/SIZE] and Corsair make nice ones.

I am rolling with three SSD’s. One for OS, one for games, and one for, well more games. They are all 120Gb, as they are super cheap at that price point.

For mass storage, I am rocking a 4TB NAS

Thanks for the tip @Timelord_ !!!

No problem man!