China Risiing!!

So, after a while (Thanks to our Shitty goverment owned line providers) China rising downloaded.

I wanna try out Air Superiority to learn to fly jets and so on, although this might not be the best place to start, the test range is easy cause targets dont move… Any tips before I throw a remote? lol

Lol, wish I could help, but my flying skills is horrible, I like to play infantry only

You may be ok with air superiority right now as theres probly alot of people in the same posituin as you. But my advise is to learn to use primary cannons, not rely on missile and watch so jet tutorials about speed comtrol.its a steep learning curve, bare that in mind

Take a deep breath… Some of those pilots in Air Superiority have been playing for years. I can barely last 2-3 minutes.

Good advice. Missles are easy to avoid. The really good pilots are good with rockets.