Command Mode in Battlefield 6

What do you guys think about the potential for EA DICE to bring back commander mode to the next game in the Battlefield series?

For those of you who don’t remember what it is/was, here is a quick recap

Here is a brief recap on where and what games Commander Mode appeared.

Battlefield 2.

The Commander role first appears in Battlefield 2 , along with squads , comprising a chain-of-command. Players are still free to do as they wish, but earn bonus points for following objectives set forth by the commander and squad leaders. A star icon identifies the team’s commander on the map.

At the start of a round, players can apply for the commander position. The senior-most applicant (in terms of experience) is offered command, which can be accepted or denied. A player who accepts command gains the ability to use Commander view, commander assets, voice chat with other squad leaders, and issue orders. Successful commanders make the most of these tools, and the extra intelligence afforded.

Commanders can resign their role at any time, and resume play as a regular player. Other players can also call a vote to mutiny against the current commander; a successful vote demotes the commander, opening the role for applications.

Commanders need to take extra care, since assets cannot be used while the commander is critically wounded or dead.


The commander continues to earn credit for various actions, but only earns points based on how many members are on the team. Whenever a number of success points equal to the size of the team is earned by subordinates, the commander earns one point. Should the team win the round, the winning commander earns a 2× multiplier.

No other points are earned by the commander in any way, though actions contributing to global score still apply.

Players do not earn commander points if they are not commander at the end of the round. Players who resign regain the ability to earn points for kills and other actions at round’s end.

Battlefield 1942

The Commander role returns in Battlefield 4, similar to previous installments. Resources that used to be housed at the team’s deployment are now tied to each control point, and must be captured by the team in order to be utilized by the commander.

Introduced is the ability for the player to use mobile devices such as a tablet computer, allowing a commander to organize squads, use abilities and resources, and navigate them where needed on the map.

Unlike in previous games, the Commander is not a normal player on the battlefield. Servers have two slots for commanders (one per team), in addition to the player count and separate spectator count.

Players that have reached rank 10 can apply to be a Commander.[1] The role is offered first-come first-served. PC players apply from Battlelog, while console players join from the in-game menu, jumping directly into the role.

Commanders can be removed from their position by a successful Mutiny vote, initiated by a squad leader. Unlike previous games, players can change their vote depending on the commander’s response. The new commander cannot be voted out for a period of time thereafter however.

Commanders can join matches of Conquest, Rush, Obliteration, and Carrier Assault.

Mobile devices
An app was released for tablets and smart phones for free on November 14th, 2013. The app has most of the same capabilities for the commander mode as it does on PC or console, with points gained counting towards progression on a players soldier for their respective platform. The 3D overhead map and the squad leader video feed are not available in the tablet app versions, instead commanders can see when a player is firing by rings appearing around the soldiers arrow tag.

It requires the user to have at least one active soldier in Battlefield 4 and be at least rank 10.

Support for the app was discontinued on August 11th, 2015.[2]

Default Assets
Default Assets are Commander resources that are always available for use by the Commander. These include UAV and EMP.

Main Assets Loop
The Main Assets Loop holds commander resources that are more impact-heavy than default resources and become available once a specific objective has been obtained and will be lost when that objective has been taken or the asset is destroyed by the opposing team.

Squad Assets Loop
The Squad Loop holds commander resources that can be purchased by the commander and then issued to squads. They are purchased by spending “segments” on the progression bar with assets higher up on the bar costing more segments. Segments in the progression bar are obtained by squads successfully carrying out orders that the Commander has issued.

Battlefield Hardline

Hacker Mode is a feature of Battlefield Hardline . Similar to the normal Commander mode, it allows players to support their teams through a variety of actions. More emphasis is placed on controlling small-scale devices in the field that affect the players onfield. The hackers on each team directly compete with each other for control over assets. Players can stymie the hackers by damaging the assets.

I would love to see this make a return in the next Battlefield game. What I really like about it was that I could play Commander mode from my iPhone, while I was on the subway. No need for a massive gaming rig to take part in the game, and to feel like part of a team while you are on your way to work or whatever.

If you suggest it hard enough, they may consider it. And it may return. But UPRISE is over all of that. Itd truly be up to them if they want to try and do it again

What is UPRISE?

How do we suggest it so that is is considered by the team? Perhaps it is a bit late in the development cycle for it to be added if it is not already on the roadmap

Uprise is the App development company that is through EA

Oh, so they devoloped the Battlefield Commander app way back when I guess eh?

Yes, they used to be called ESN. Still today it is a reserved Clan tag. Also in BF4 the Uprise developer tag used to be ESN

please no! one team has a Com and will win EVERY round, if the enemy team DOES NOT have commander. works only, if no team or both teams have a commander.

Yeah, I remember the commanders causing some serious balancing issues. Should only allow Commander mode in Battlefield games if both teams have a commander.

I can tell you however that playing with a commander with a well organized squad is some of the best gaming out there.

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Some thoughts from a YouTuber.

Commander Mode was so much fun. It definitely needs to come back but it needs improvement as well, particularly for console. I think Battlefield 4’s commander mode is a great template.

One: add more communication options. Too many times I’ve had squad leaders want me to give them commands and because we were in a good spot, there was no way to tell them “Defend Alpha” or something like that. Or if they ask for a supply drop I can’t communicate “Need more assistance for that, squad leader.” We could only command which point to attack. Even asking about UAV assistance, something like “UAV will be back in 10 seconds, squad leader.” Something where squad leaders aren’t wondering if we got the command or not.

Two: Easier button prompts. On PC and mobile, it wasn’t terribly difficult to navigate, but for all button and key using platforms, it’d be nice to have quick shortcuts. Instead of sorting through a menu, map Infantry and Vehicle Scans, Missile Launches, and Proxy Attacks to shortcuts. And then add squad specific shortcuts when highlighting a squad leader. It’s small but it’d smooth out the interplay between commanders and reduce the need of point snapping in console versions.

Three: Balance. As y’all already said, balance is rough when another team doesn’t have a commander. I’ve always thought it was weird that players who are already in game couldn’t become a commander. That would help fix that. So first, if a server has a queue, the commander shouldn’t have to wait to join the game to be commander because the commander can’t just become infantry anyway. But then let infantry be able to become commander as long as someone isn’t already a commander and then that could free up a queue spot.

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What I loved about the commander mode in the Battlefield games was that I did not need to have my xbox with me. I could join in with my squad while I was on the bus, or in a taxi. That made the game super “sticky” and the first time I can remember playing a AAA outside of the living room.

I would follow up with your comments by adding, that most matches I played did NOT have a commander, as it was quite difficult to get a good score. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I often found it was WAY easier to rank up as a grunt solider, than the actual commander. It’s been so long since I played with a commander in game (and I play BF4 almost daily still), that I have forgotten a lot of how it worked.

Also, if commander mode does make a come back in Battlefield 6, I would love to see some kinda tutorial built in so you can learn the intricacies of the position before you go ‘live’ with a squad, and have them yell all kinda cuss words at you, as you are not super familar with the controls.