Digital Foundry explores PC settings and DX12 support

This went up yesterday (apologies if it’s been posted feel free to delete) and it shows a toggle in the PC options for DX12 as well as making comparisons from Ultra > High > Medium > Low settings. BF1 still looks decent @ Low! :smiley:

Paraphrasing here but DF reckons that “any PC currently coping with FrostBite 3 games should run BF1 just as well”. :cool:

DX11 or DX 12 you have to admit that Battlefield 1 is a pretty good looking game

Hopefull will see Vulkan support too, since Vulkan is based on Mantle that was implemented in BF4.

Wasnt that kind of an afterhought (the mantle integration into BF4). Did it actually get implemented successfully?

Hoodoo operator shows us just how damn good BF1 is looking and he uses only in game sound, really excited for BF1

That looks like the intro to a movie. A movie I want to see

Hoodoo operator is brilliant! Even his BFH cinematic got me hyped, he has done smoke screen for BF4 as well and also the awesome cinematic ‘Through my eyes’

What is the “through my eyes”?

@Timelord_ It’s Hoodoo’s awesome cinematic for BF4 :slight_smile: