Enoying glitches

I have downloaded and currently playing the battlefield 1 beta and have come across people glichting the the battlefield.com website which enables them to have tough armor and I can barley kill them. (2 -3 clips)
Also they are equipping all the weapons which should be unlocked by level and playtime.
Another one is where you climb an object and simply fall back down again which is a bar stuied!!!
Spawning without your requested item such as a tank or horse is quite common and can be a pain in the !!!.
I think everyone is still having some problems getting into the game , I keep closing and opening the game and keep clicking on connect it takes time 20 mins sometimes but eventually you can get in .

It sounds like you were playing on PS4, which all of those glitches were very common, but if you were on XBOX one or PC than you’re just very unlucky