Equip weapons from battle packs/inventory

This might be dumb, but how do you equip weapons you obtain from battlepacks in bf1?

Not dumb at all, as I cannot figure it out either.

Also - anyone know WTF scraps are?

The weapon skins you get from Battlepacks are only cosmetic, in that they do not unlock the actual weapons. In order to equip them, you have to first unlock the gun and then choose to customize it with the weapon skin.

Scraps are for purchasing Battlepacks, which unlock more weapon skins. So if you ever get a duplicate weapon skin from the Battlepack, just scrap it and save the Scraps for a Battlepack.

How do you earn scraps? I get warbonds for getting promoted, but no idea how to get scraps.

You only get Scraps for when you scrap a weapon skin currently.

How do you do that?

You can do it the moment after you open a Battlepack where it reveals a weapon skin or you can do it through the “Battlefield 1” game client. Go to the main menu and click on the Soldier tab. You should see Battlepacks as one of the things listed. After clicking that, go to the Inventory tab where you can see which weapon skins you already own and can scrap.

I have only gotten one battlepack so far. Any trick to getting them? I am already on level 12…

They are random and only given after you complete a game.

I have experienced long stretches of not receiving one as well, but now at Rank 26, I have received about a dozen in total.

Thanks for the tutorial in Battlefield 1! You should write a damn wiki!

Haha. No problem. Glad to help out!

I cant remember, are you a PC player? Would love to play with you!

Yeah, I play on PC. I have the same name in the game as the forum name here, so go ahead and add me.

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This is what I don’t get, you can’t change your load out in the game but as soon as you join a multiplayer server you can customize your load out, but if you don’t want to customize your load out while in a server you have to go to a web page of some sort, same goes to view your profile, then why the hell is the game browser in game but to customize or view your profile is a external web page? Like seriously EA, wtf is wrong with you? Why take away the web browser in the first place, it’s going to be the same for BF4 and BFH soon it seems

Weird. I don’t see it yet.

There should only be one player with a username even close to ChineseToTheBone on Origin.

I agree. It is pretty convoluted- the whole load out thing was not implented very well. At least with Battlelog, you could do it anyti,e you wanted.

Yo @admin looks like you freind requested the wrong dude.

Hope they change it in the future