Favorite teams?

Which teams are you favorite?

Football (USA): Denver Broncos

Baseball: Colorado Rockies

Hockey: Colorado Avalanche

I’m not too big on Basketball, but I of course root for the Denver Nuggets.

Here we go!

Football - Buffalo Bills. Reason being is that is the only team that I have ever seen live. I used to live close to Buffallo.
Baseball - Toronto Blue Jays
Hockey - Toronto Maple Leafs
Soccer - Manchester United
Basketball - Toronto Raptors.

@ÜberBiscuit I take it you are from Denver?

Nah - lived there many, many moons ago.

I was in Denver last summer - really liked it. I was in the “technology center” for some training. Took a drive up to the continental divide. Was fantastic!

Are we now talking American football? If so - Buffalo Bills. See above!

Nothing else to do on Sundays so yeah - I do watch it. Especially my Bills.

Football: Kansas City Chiefs
Baseball: Kansas City Royals
Hockey: Chicago Blackhawks
Basketball: San Antonio Spurs
MLS: Sporting KC
Premier League: West Ham United
College Football: Boise State
NXL Paintball: LA Infamous

I love all sports :slight_smile:

Sounds like someone is from Kansas!

Yup :), I lived in both Missouri and Kansas for years… shame Kansas City is in both states tho. It gets confusing when you’re driving at times lol

I definitely agree! Chiefs and Broncos are going to be the top contenders this year, but I feel the Raiders and Chargers aren’t far behind either! For sure, this year is going to be very exciting for the AFC West! I got tickets to the Christmas Day game at Arrowhead against the Broncos, as well as to two nearby games against the Panthers and Falcons!

Wonder how the Patriots are gonna do for the first four games

Then comes the Brady pain train… Will they be able to readjust to his style?

Ehh, I hope not lol! I was there for when Jamaal Charles fumbled last minute and cost us the game! But hopefully the fans show up and try to beat the World Record again. Every time we’ve beat the record, we end up winning the game.

And I dislike the Pats as well with the same passion for the Raiders after what they took from us last year

Here we go!

Seems like everyone has a thing fort hating onthe pats.

But he is only gone for four games? Or do you mean when he retires?

Yeah - they need a new franchise player. RG 3? LOL!