[FORUM GAME] Guess the starting date of the beta!

[SIZE=5]Guess the starting date of the public beta* and you will win…

[SIZE=4]This is just for fun, so let’s see who actually gets the date bang on.

*Two guesses per user.

EDIT: Thread will close once the actual date is announced.[/SIZE]

My guess(es):

23rd August
29th August

August 28th.
August 31

@Timelord_ Could this have a sticky too?

I’d like everyone to see and participate :slight_smile:

Once again - paging @admin

August 23
August 31

I like your optimism

We are all around the same time…

I’m calling 24th of August for the Insiders and 25th for the rest…

That would work out perfectly for me

How so?

I am on vacaction those days!

From work?


My holiday starts this Thursday and I start work again September 5th…LOL
So I’ll be grinding that beta to the bone…I hope…

Hopefuly it is out before the 5th!

LOL…yeah, for sure…otherwise I might need to call in sick…

I bet you already feel a cough coming on

ill guess August 26 or September 1st

Hopefully the former and not the latter