Hardline 2

Would you like to see Hardline return in the future? I would it was fun. I put all most as much hours in hardline as I did 4 (1000+hours) I love it and I’d like the series to continue for at least one more game.

Not for me man! I just didnt find that Battlefield Hardline 1 was very good. I dont think I am alone if you look at the stats for concurrent players.

to much negativety aboout hardline. so we sdont need a new one

I would be really surprised if another one got the greenlight.

i would give up my nuts for a hardline 2 hardline is by far the best fun bf game :wink: even more than 2142 and i loved that and yes i am old and have played em all ! just my opinion though and i am ok with guys not liking it , each to there own and all that

If it was a DLC for half the price (and maybe based in the 1960 or 1970 with a mafia theme, tommy gun anyone?) yes, I would not mind a second one

It is not for everyone. You have to try it to see if it your cup of tea

That’s a great idea. I would love to see Battlefield Hardline 2 be released, but I hope that is not what the devs are actively working on now.