hello all

I joined because I used to be a member of a group with the same name when I played BC2 on ps3.
I play on PC since BF3 released but do own bf4 on ps4 as well.
I used to play bf4 every other night but lately not so much.

eagerly waiting for a new release hoping things go back to the simplicity of the BC2 days with some graphical/destruction updates. I think bf3/bf4 has way to many customization/perks/options for weapons especially for someone like me that doesn’t have a clue what half the stuff does.

anyway what platform do you guys play on?
my battlefield name is the same as username here.

Hey - welcome to our little corner of the internet.

I am a PC player, and have been playing since the days of Battlefield 1942. If you are a regular PC player, feel free to add me on Battlelog

Hello :slight_smile:

“bf3/bf4 has way to many customization/perks/options for weapons” - I agree, but I pretty much just stick to kits/guns/toys I like and don’t worry about the ‘assignments’. :slight_smile:

Everyone has their own loadout, that works for them. I havent changed my loadouts in over a year, and I still play the game daily.