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Well, you made me curious … so here I am.

My name’s Jai but AKA SkankwOn in the Battlefield world, currently playing BF4, have played BF3, BFBC2, BF2142 (a bit) and BF2 (a lot). I came a little late to the BF party after my old Unreal Tournament clanmate gave me his old gaming rig and a DVD of BF2 back in late 2005, but once smitten I ploughed hours into Battlefield games.

These days (actually for around the last decade) I play with a non-competitive BF collective known as Band of Brothers UK. Our BF4 server has steadily ranked in the top ten UK servers for some years now.

I’m a BF all rounder really, I love raining death from the skies, tank-whoring and pure grunting with a squad (especially taking out vehicles), and that’s why I love BF - it’s like a multitude of games all rolled into one. :slight_smile:

RL stuff - Old, married, kids, jobs, etc. Oooh and Reggae! That’s that bit done.

It looks like this could be the start of a promising community, nice to be in near the start. Great looking and very modern forum BTW. :wink:

Welcome to our corner of the internet.

I gotta ask, what is your BF4 server? I will be on there tonight!

Hi, mate. Personally, my regular BF4 night is Monday from around 8pm til late and then whenever else I can squeeze in.

Here are the server details for our 64 slot (plus commanders) UK server. Lots of maps in the rotation from all expansions.


We do have some (quite a few) server rules. Some players complain there are too many, but our rules haven’t changed much over the last decade and they’re in place to try and make sure the game is fun for everyone.

I can’t remember every rule but mainly they are:

[INDENT]No cheating/glitching (of course)!
No attacking mainbases (aka uncap)
No firing from mainbase (helps prevent baserape)
No repeated jumping under fire (bunnyhopping)
No purposeful teamkilling (say sorry if accident)
No stealing friendly vehicles
No ramming in aircraft
ANY weapon is allowed to be used against infantry
Respect other players and admin decisions (No being a dick in chat basically)

Oh and the server is most definitely HARDCORE, that’s just the way we roll. ;)[/INDENT]

NO cheating? Count me out! :wink:

I am joining now (in queue)

For some reason, I couldnt actually join the server. Kept timing out.

Hmm, not sure why that was. I’m about to jump on there myself. Is this the same nickname you use for Origin? Feel free to add me on Origin btw (same nick as here). :wink:

Just added you on Battlelog

You’re an Engineer too! I knew we’d get along, haha :smiley:

Engineers and the shotty! People hate it, but I love it.

Not as much as people hate my beloved RFB. “DMR n00b” … shh now die quietly, haha.

One of the best feelings in Battlefield is to be called a cheater when you are not in fact cheating!