Hello forum. My name’s Steve and I’m from the UK. I have to admit I’ve not really played Battlefield since the early days of Battlefield 4 but BF1 looks so epic!

Hey @Stevekay, welcome to the Battlefield forum. What platform do you play on?

I play on PS4 but I’m considering jumping to PC for the next game as I’d like to see what it would look like with a powerful graphics card behind it.


Seems like I am the only PC player here…

Come on Steve. @Stevekay[/USER] dont buckle to [USER=288]@ÜberBiscuit peer pressure. PC PC PC

Hey, @Stevekay! Welcome to the forums.

Seen as though we’re arguing over platforms, and I play both PC and PS4.

Stick to PS4.

@Ben why PS4 over PC? Is it the controls?

@Stevekay , I’ve played BF4 both on PC and PS4, I really liked Playing on PC, it looked a lot better, but I must admit, playing on PS4 is a lot more fun, Personal opinion, Mouse and keyboard takes the fun out for me, also… Keeping up to date with Latest graphics cards etc is a lot more expensive, that was my main reason moving to Console, Stick to PS4 mate lol…

PS4’s community is kind of bad, with the game being full of squeakers, but past that the controls are fluid, the controller is nice, all the games are designed specifically for those specs so no game issues (most of the time), and it’s so much better full stop.

Wow - mouse and keyboard is less fun? First time I have heard anyone say that. But I ckinda get what you are saying. it is nice to be able to sit on the coach and play your games, instead of hauling ass over to the 50lb PC to play your game.

What is a squeaker?

A kid whos voice hasn’t broke yet.

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Classy gents. All of em.

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Stick together… You are not alone…

Hello @Stevekay and welcome to and from the forum. :wink:

@Stevekay @SkankwOn Where are you guys at man??