Hi, its Kro here


I’m kronenbourg, or as many like to call me, Kro :slight_smile:

Skanky pointed me to the forums, as we’ve known eachother since the days of BF2.

A little about me: Well, I love the beer kronenbourg, been a Battlefield gamer since BF2, and have all the titles since then, and even loved to play the mod on bf2 called AIX. Ah, back when there was modding allowed…

I’m a member of the Aliens clan, been around since Farcry and because of BF3/4 limits, now have the tags ALNS (sounds like Aliens lol). Used to be competitive clan a while back, but not for a long time now, as we just prefer to play for fun :slight_smile:

I’ll point all of our clan here, so hopefully some names may pop up that people may know…or hate haha.

Oh, and great forums, fantastic idea!!!

Hey mate, me love you longtime!

[ALIENS] are a great bunch and along with my fellow [BoB] players, they had to be the first peeps I invited here. :wink:
I look forward to the [ALIEN] invasion @kronenbourg73 :smiley:

Welcome to our little corner of the internet! Happy to have you onboard!


Welcome :smiley:

Welcome!! :slight_smile: