Hide custom emblems

Hello chaps.

So throughout the streams, I’ve been noticing these funny white symbols on every vehicle and soldier. For the British, it was a boxed union flag - For the Germans, a cross under a Reichsadler (an imperial eagle). Seeing as enemies are clearly marked in the HUD, that vehicles have already got national symbols on them (Roundels or crosses), and that soldiers did not wear these funny tags in real life, I think it’s a fair assumption to say that these are where our custom emblems go.

I’ll be frank about this; I’m really not keen on the idea of custom emblems in Battlefield 1. It was all very well in ‘4’ but it will rather spoil the beautifully made Great War models that have been made for this game, and spoil the immersion of the period. I don’t mind seeing them in my death-screen, nor on the scoreboard - I only mind seeing them on the battlefield itself.

I’m not saying that DICE should remove the concept entirely, or even change it in the slightest. Rather, I’d simply like to see an option to ‘hide’ any form of custom symbol from my own perspective (including the white placeholder).

I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way. Even if you like the idea of custom tags, for which I have no problem with, would you agree that the ability to hide them would be appropriate for this game?

That is a great idea, although the stream was pre-alpha, I hope the actual game will have the option to hide the custom emblem’s

Have a screengrab of the “funny white symbols”?