Howzit People!!!

Hey Everyone,

Before I begin, Just found this Forum via Twitter, and lovin it already, only been like 30min!!

Im from South Africa, been Playing on PC and Console for about 15 years now, Casually, Started playing a bit more seriously since I joined my clan (Shout out to Vendetta gaming!!!)…

Loving the game, and looking forward to BF1

Im 27 years old, Married and the most wonderful daughter in the world.
I work as A IT engineer (IT is so boring!)

But any case, that’s it…

If you guys were wondering, We do not live in huts with Aerials… LOL!

Welcome to the forums.
Will you be playing BF1 on release date or 3 days before? Or a bit after release?

Welcome to the forum DeltaCharlie. Funny story, I was born in South Africa but moved to the UK when I was 7. My parents mentioned something about a better life, but I’m yet to be convinced lol.

@DeltaCharlie89 Welcome to the forum! You are the second member from South Africa. We had a pretty decent discussion on the Spring Bok’s in one of the sports forums!

Should have asked… What platform? Or wanna case a vote in this thread for us?

I stand corrected. There are now three South Africans…

AKA the awesomest place on the planet

South Africans are taking over! Do something now @Timelord_ before it’s too late… Oh, wait… I am South African… Better idea, let’s have a ‘braai’? (BBQ) haha

But on a serious note, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: happy to see a fellow South African on the forums, you should of told them we take elephants to school and lions to work

And uphill both ways?

Hahahah, people out there would believe me lol

I probably would have too.

I would have been guilty.

I once had a pet whale… for summer school at the beach…

Hellyo @DeltaCharlie89 and welcome. :slight_smile:


n release date mate,

Always time for a leke Braai bud!!! lol

Lekker man, lekker :smiley: