Just a wee sniper

Sup yall glad to be here. I love sniping in Battlefield. Especially Hardline. My mission is to snipe as many helicopter pilots as possible. I play on ps4 but am saving to get a pc :nerd_face: definitely looking forward to seeing yall clips in the HS competition​:metal: peace​:v:

Wlecome to our little corner of the internet.

I gotta ask, how are the Hardline servers these days? Any problems finding a relatively full server? Also, what platform do you play on?

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Unfortunately there’s not too many servers left which is why for the past few years I’ve found myself playing on one specific server. Its a dowtown 24/7 server. At the moment i play on ps4 but hoping to get a pc this year

PC for the win!

Have you started thinking about a part list for your new PC yet? There are some pretty knowledgeable people on this forum who I am sure can help you out.

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Not really i have alot to learn… So i appreciate any guidance

Welcome to the Battlefield Forum man - I think you are going to enjoy it here. I am a pretty new member myself, and I just get a good vibe here.

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Same here bro👊 definitely a benefit to the community🤘

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We need to work to help @admin1 and the other mods help grow this place, as this is gonna be a big year for the Battlefield community I believe.