Kamikaze to destroy building in Battlefield 1

Interesting strategy.


Wow the destruction in this game is amazing

Sweet. Kind of reminds me of BC2 hiding in attics. :smiley:

There is no hiding from the kamikaze pilots!

That was my first thought too. Kinda reminded me of the destruction model

I hope they make the planes crash ‘better’ or more believable, it does not seem at the moment like much when a plane crashes, but that being said, the game is still in Alpha and a lot will change

I know it is hard to exlain “better”, but I am not entirely sure what you mean? More Michael Bay type explosions?

What I have seen in the alpha, the plane crashes into a tree, does about a 90 degree turn and lands, then it seem to be still in a working condition, what would really happen if a plane hits a tree at that speed? Visual damage would be awesome but I think there is visual damage? Like we have seen with the launch trailer? A plane loosing it’s wing?

Ah! Sounds like the damage modelling has not been completed yet. We still have several months before final code, so hopefully this gets gweaked a we proceed through the Alpha/Beta/Gold process

Yes very true, still gonna be the best shooter game of the year

Well, it swept the last electronics conference with a bunch of best in show awards, so it is pretty likely that it is going to be THE shooter to beat

Rip COD… :smiley: