Last Round of Battlefield Friends Dog Tags


Over the past 4 years, we have seen some amazing feats generated by this community including events, Only in Battlefield moments, tournaments, and so much more.

Our community is diverse, passionate, and vibrant – and we have some amazing creators in our midst. The entire Battlefield team salutes you for your continued devotion and commitment to the Battlefield franchise and the community.

We truly in believe our loyal fans, our die-hard Battlefield community, our vocal community are truly fans and friends of the franchise, but sadly, this next round of DICE Friends dog tag awards will be our last.

The Battlefield teams at EA and DICE salute the heroes of our community, and welcome in our last group of DICE Friends.
Please take a moment to nominate your June 2016 picks for the final round of DICE Friends dog tags here[].

Thank you!

The Teams at EA and DICE