Legend of Lawrence of Arabia is male or female...? Campaign for BF1 stuff

The new trailer for Battlefield 1 is out and I picked up on something, at 1:28 of the video you see a soldier dragging another soldier, he continue to say ‘the legend, Lawrence of Arabia, dies tonight’

It’s the same woman we have seen from the reveal trailer for the next Battlefield title

Question is, who is this woman? Some believe that he did get married to a Shia Muslim girl, it was the Shia practice to have short-term marriages that are very quick to arrange and dissolve.

Many said that Lawrence never got married or romantically involved with a woman, because he was a homosexual (or so some people thought that he was gay)

This got me even thinking more, what if that woman is not a woman, but it is the legend himself, it is Lawrence from Arabia? He joined the military at a very young age, he was 1.66 meter tall, he died at the age of 35, but pause the video at 1:38, look at the chest, what do you see? I see some boob figures or am I seeing things?

Let me know what you guys think? Is DICE putting a plot twist in the campaign to make it more exciting?

Flakfire had a very interesting theory that I actually agree with. During the First World War, Lawrence was accompanied by many Bedouin women who fought alongside their husbands, especially during the Battle of Aquaba. He thinks that in this chapter, the player plays as one of these Bedouin women as she experiences the campaigns of Lawrence of Arabia and the Arab Revolt.

I highly doubt they would portray her as Lawrence. He never had those bedouin markings on his face, and he is not really associated with that tight-fitting outfit, always wearing loose Arab robes over his British Army uniform. Besides, if you so much as look at a picture of him, his gentlemanly appearance is unmistakable.

I suspect the player, a Bedouin, has uncovered an ambush being set for Lawrence by the (German?) officer who is about to execute her, and she must try to warn him before it happens lest he dies, dooming the Arab Revolt.

Thank you! This was keeping me up last night, jumped in TS with my clan and try to ask them if they knew something, but they were saying ‘cyka blyaut, attack Bravo’ (I joke) now I can catch up on some sleep, haha