Mack7963....Expert Bullet stopper

while the intro title may sound strange, one look at my K/D on BF4 will explain all, i play Battlefield 4 way too much, but you cant deny yourself something that you love now can you, tried Battlefront, massively disappointed, tho i think a revisit to that game will be in order when its released on Play station VR, tried BF hard line as well but i always arrive back at Battlefield, my one wish would be to play a map where the squad i’m with does two things, one, communicates, and two, works as a squad, but for now just enjoying the game on the PS4

I dont think you are alone with regards to the disappointment that is Battlefront. I played the hell out of the beta, however I couldnt push myself to buy it. It was on sale the other day for %50 off, and I still couldnt do it. Perhaps when it is $5-10.

What is the link to your battlelog profile? Let’s see how muchof a bullet stopper you really are

Wow - PS3 and PS4? You still rocking both of them? Also, your profile is locked down!

no, i got rid of the ps3 after getting the ps4, once id been on the ps4 that was it, hated everything about the ps3 including the Dualshock 3, ill have a look at the lockdown on my profile

Sweet! PS4 is a solid upgrade from a PS3

Amen to that