Morning Folks :D

Name: Krystian
Age: 22
Nationality: Poland

I found this site when i was “googling” some news about BF1 and i liked that page ^^

Something about me? Well it’s in my profile but as my biggest life achievements i have to say that i was Organisator with other people of Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice in year 2014,2015,2016 and going to be again in 2017 :slight_smile:

If anybody wanna play some Battlefield or other game just hit me up ^^

Contact informations:

Steam: #DICE Z3Mav
Origin: ESL-Z3Mav :slight_smile:

Have a great day all :slight_smile:

Hi @Z3Mav and welcome here. You’re heavily involved in eSports then, nice work mate. I wish gaming was as big when I was your age as it is now. I did used to compete with my old Unreal Tournament clan on Clanbase but JFF not £$'s sigh

Hey man! Welcome to our forums! Glad to hear that we are gaining some “google-fu” in the rankings.

Anyway - that Intel Extreme Masters - is that the crazy over clocking tournaments that I read about from time to time? Tell us MOAR!

Nah man it’s one of the biggest event where all pro players playing CSGo League of Legends Starcraft :wink: Type Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2016 Trailer in Youtube and u gonna see what i mean ^^ Btw are u into playing some BF4 in around 20 minutes?:slight_smile:

Ahh - I know there was some kinda Overclocking thing that had a similar name. Here is what I was thinking of.

Sponsored by Intel, which is what threw me off.

Cannot do some BF4 for the next few hours as I am mobile. Tonight sometime?

Well i am working on night shift so not possible to play at night ;(

BOOOOO!! Where is the dislike button??

Do you always work nights? Maybe we can hook up some day you are not on nights.

Tommorow i have 2 days off

Very interesting! So do I!

Add me on Battlelog. Timelord1969

Done ^^ Don’t think i am new in Battlefield 4 :smiley: I had other account before where i had around lvl 70 :smiley:

Ahah! No worries - will be good to play with other members… Do you use voice comms at all?

Sure if you want i can join a teamspeak or other communication place ^^ I am speaking Polish as my main language but i can speak English perfect too ^^

Excellent! Been looking for a way to test out my teamspeak server

What’s the TS3 details then please @Timelord_ or PM them if you prefer. :wink:

Rebuilding the damn thing now.