Most kills in a match?

I just recently got 114 kills. Will never happen again. I just ran around with a shotgun. What about you?

Proof or GTFO… :wink:

I think my max kills in a round was 80 something. Only reason was I was a gunner in a chopper with an ace pilot. If you have a good pilot, really easy to rack up kills. Especially on Shanghai.

Nice. Guess you dont have to GTFO :wink:

I think it was 70 or 80 somehting to 30 something deaths, was using Famas on Zavod311, conquest large, 800 tickets

Thats impressive for such a low tick server.

Thank you :slight_smile: but just had a really good round and doubt that I will ever be able to repeat it, came close a few times tho and the Famas is deadly in close quarters, I was basically defending C and D (we had A and B) so I was moving a lot between the 2 objectives using the tunnel

Would love it if you could capture some of yur gameplay. Sounds like you have an awesome battleplan.

Challenge accepted… In the meantime, take a look at these montages, I will record some gameplay and upload the raw footage with no editing, only edit will be disabling the resample

What is “disabling the sample”. Teach me your ways.

Not sure if it’s in other video editors but in Sony Vegas (any of the video editing) they added resampling, which gives most moving things (tanks, soldiers and anything that moves) a ghost, so to disable the resampling in Sony vegas, you simply have to right click on the video which is in the time line and select ‘disable resampling’ and magic! The overall video looks much better, that Marked Man 2 (after the Marked Man 2 logo), that cinematic part where all the recons are running, resampling was not disabled, was trying to give it a more cinematic feel for the video, but the rest is

Wonder why it is on by default?