My first Battlefield was 1943? What?!

What up!

Got into a conversation with @admin1 on Twitter about Battlefield 6 and decided to join. I’ve seen this forum before so it wasn’t totally brand new. Looks like good times here!

My first experience with Battlefield was Battlefield 1943. I had never seen Battlefield played before because I didn’t own a PC. So that wasn’t the best first experience. I didn’t know the point of the game, I didn’t understand what I was doing. I saw stuff exploding, crumbling, tanks running me over, and getting shot all the time. I kept hearing this ticking sound when I was by a point and then it’d stop and then someone would shoot me. Totally lost. Didn’t get it. Didn’t play it again.

Battlefield 4 was announced and that looked awesome. So I got a hold of Battlefield 3 on PC shortly before Battlefield 4 came out. That changed my perspective on the game. Loved it. Ending up getting Battlefield 4 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC to play with as many people as possible. To this day, I believe Battlefield is the most unique multiplayer games out there.

I’m not very good at the game. I’m like a pocket drummer. Don’t do fancy things, but I never get off time. I’m not a reliable killer, so I usually fulfill my role by capturing points, spotting, and understanding rotations and being a nuisance to opposing squads. But I love playing with other folk.

Favorite Battlefield is 4. BF3 has better maps, but 4’s guns feel better to me.

Looking forward to chatting with y’all!