New Teaser for Battlefield 6?

In what could be a nod to where we are going next in the Battlefield series, the DICE team just sent out a tweet welcoming some new members to the team.

Interesting that hey chose a .gif from Battlefield 4 (modern setting) instead of something from one of the newer games (Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V).


I think that might be a bit of a stretch, but you will not hear me complain if the next Battlefield game ends up being Battlefield 4 part 2.

It will be a modern shooter

Most of us hope that it’ll be a modern shooter, right. I’ve stopped playing 1 & V for a long time and playing bf4 most of the time.

@Big_Sam welcome back to the forum man! Long time no see.

As for the next Battlefield, I think it is pretty well confirmed that is going to be a modern shooter in one form or other other.

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Thanks man :smiley: well I can’t wait for it!

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Only a matter of months until we are playing a new Battlfield game!

We can expect a new teaser in april

You are not wrong, as technically April is Spring!