New Vehicles in the latest trailer

Hello chaps.

Thought I’d just put this here since, to my surprise, I haven’t seen anyone else on this forum talk about it. As someone interested in military history and historic vehicles, I just want to mention the new vehicles in the trailer and I can help to point out some of those that may not have been mentioned already.

Thumbnail - Attacker: The ‘Attacker’ aircraft in the E3 stream was a British Sopwith Camel. The red ‘Attacker’ aircraft in the thumbnail looks to me like a German Albatros D.III. This is very exciting because it’s the first evidence I’ve seen so far that we will have a choice of multiple different aircraft with each aircraft type and this could very well extend to tanks and cars.

Edit: Looking at the thumbnail again, it could just be a beautifully done concept picture. Regardless, the point stands as you’ll see further down.

0:33 - Machine Gun Car: Distinct from ‘armoured cars’, machine gun cars were used as mobile anti-aircraft platforms, though in this game I suspect they’ll have a significant role in scouting and infantry support. This particular one, I believe(d), is a modified American Model T Ford, used largely by the British and then the Americans in WW1.

Edit: Correction. Levelcap also looked into these vehicles and found out that the Machine Gun Car is actually an American Dodge M1918.

1:09 & 1:37 - Bomber: This is NOT the bomber that was shown during the E3 lifestream. The Bomber during E3 was a German Gotha GV. This bomber looks to me to be an Italian Caproni Ca.5. Once again, this is evidence that we get a wide selection of aircraft for each type.

1:25 - Rockets: In the First World War, the French experimented with aircraft-mounted rockets known as Fusées Le Prieur, an explosive incendiary rocket mostly designed for taking down airships. The French, British and Germans all ended up using this concept during the war and I think that is what we are seeing here in this trailer.

1:49 - Customised Light Tank: The Light Tank (Renault FT) shown here and at other parts of the video is not using the normal turret. It could be a French Renault FT 75, a 1918 variant fitted with a 75mm howitzer - a potential customisation upgrade for the standard light tank.

2:03 (& 1:32) - Artillery Truck: The player is looking through the perspective of a field gun and the kill score lists the weapon as being an ‘Artillery Truck’. In his video, Jackfrags pointed out that there is an outline of the artillery truck at the bottom of 1:32. Looking at this outline, I believe that the artillery truck is the British Pierce-Arrow Armoured Car with what appears to be a QF-13 Pounder. Furthermore, I speculate that the Artillery Truck can be customised with the QF-2 Pounder Automatic Gun (also known as the famous ‘Pom-Pom’) for use against aircraft as that’s what it was mostly used for in WW1.

I hope at least some of this information was new to you. Do let me know if I can help to try and identify anything else, or in the future.

Nice breakdown! Well done.

Thanks. I’ll see to trying out more of these when more trailers come out.

Keem em coming mate