New WW1 History Series

Yo guys so i just started a new video series on my channel that will be about WW1 history! I wanted to share my knowledge with you guys and to get you more knowledgeable on what we are going to playing through in BF1 in the months to come! Stay tuned to the channel for some more of this series!

PS: This series is going to get a new spin on it once i can get my hands on BF1;)

Love the idea. You should try to tye it into the #battlefield 1 game, given what we know.

Hi mate, very cool to hear a young bloke interested in history and you delivered that video really well, smooth and well spoken and you clearly done some research and have a personal interest, i have a family link to the somme, i enjoyed your video and id encourage you to do more, great stuff

Not to sound rude, but this is already happening and I feel it’s 10x better, here’s an example from content creator JackFrags:

Hi mate, i don’t think they are 10 times better at all, just different, actually think the young guy did very well.

Well, that’s your opinion. But I feel like jack’s series has alot more information that I feel isn’t just read off of an article/wikipedia page. I feel like Jack is actually trying to teach me everything I wanna know. Jack has a higher quality, production value and lots of varieties of sources, not just one. He also goes on trips to learn more and teach us what he has learnt.

I agree./ Without trying to sound “fatherly” I think it is fantastic that he is taking such a healthy interest in history. Jackfrags is quite a different story, as he knows he will be paid for those videos strictly due to his sub count

He also has a YouTube budget behind him

Imagine this:

You have a choice of two movies.

One is a high budget, action adventure movie, with great actors, a list celebrities, and tons of people are gonna see it.

The other is a low budget, fan-made, not in cinemas, even as good as it may be.

Which one would you go for?

@Ben Walker I get what you are saying, but everyone, even Bruckheimer had to start from somewhere

I’m just stating that I find Jack’s videos highly more entertaining and it makes me wanna watch more.

Keep making them man! I would change the music used. If I could suggest something, search for the Medal of Honor Frontline Soundtrack and use that. This will set a much better tone for the video and make it more gripping. At any rate, I’m subscribing! Small gamers need to stick together, check out my YouTube if you feel so inclined. I look forward to your other videos.

Dont get me wrong. I like em too!

What is your YT channel?

Hi mate, we obviously see things very differently and thats cool.
For me its not about whats better, thats missing the whole point and its also missing the spirit in what this thread was written
A young guy (i can tell that by his voice) proudly puts up a video which i think was really confidently and passionately put forward, he had a great voice for it, great expression, he was enthusiastic and wanted to share his thoughts, thats cool and i liked it, its not about if a guy twice or three times his age on a budget has a better or more informative video, and for you to come in here and put the young man down in a passive aggressive manner is not cool, its poor form we’d say here in Oz.
Id argue that pound for pound as they say in boxing, age for age the young bloke actually delivered a better video, he doesn’t have money and travelling to do he’s research, he doesn’t have the years behind him.
Well done to him and i enjoyed it enough that I’ve spent my time going into bat for him here, he must be doing something right.

Well said mate.