Newer to BF1

Hey Guys, im new to BF1. Started playing a few days ago. I SUCK haha, sometime i have good games, but for some reason its hard for me to kill people. There could be a dude right infront of me and im a medic… i hit him like 4 or 5 times and he doesnt die… just says wounded and or kill asist… i got like 5/14 or something. its frusturating… I swear im hitting these dudes in the chest area but im not sure what im doing wrong… But then if i see a guy in the distance and shoot him with the semi fire medic gun, they go down quick… So its like up close i have a bad issue… doesn’t help that i get jittery and excited when i see an enemy. any tips would be great.

if you feel like playing with meh, add me, Booyah_FDR