"Noob" Status

God I hate that word. “Noob”. Very dumb saying. Not what I came here to say though. Now I’ll begin.

I’m still somewhat new to Battlefield and this question has been on my head. What makes you a “noob” in BF? In Call of Duty it’s noobtubes, shotguns, c4, camping, and claymores. I may be missing a few.

For me it is not playing the objective. Battlefield is an objective focused game, without those capture points, the round is over. And over fast.

yep its all about the objective and teamwork

I remember the first time I played in a very organized clan when Battlefield 4 first came out. The game changes %100 when you are on voice comms and everyone is on the same page.

You can be Rambo because you know that the assault is right behind you

Yup - med packs and defibs for everyone

Personally I want to crack myself when someone calls me a noob… Although Shotgun is bad, but its in the game for a reason…
The objective of the game is controlling points, or by kills. C4 kills, Claymore kills, aku 12 kills, so whats the diff. if my claymore stops you from capturing a point behind my team, I think “Well done”, otherwise you get raped from two sides? Noob should be put back to new Beginners!!!

But, thats just my 5cents…

Yes but I think why people hate getting fragged by a shotgun was because at one stage the shotguns in BF4 was extremely over powered, they could of replaced it with the name ‘sniper rifle with a kick’, the shotguns had a huge range, I remember I shot 2 players with the shorty and it was a one shot, one kill, not even a headshot, I was about 50 meters away from them, but shotguns did get nerved and they actually shoot like shotguns now and not a sniper rifle, much more spray, so it’s not a great weapon for large, open maps but great for CQC type of maps like lockers or metro

This I agree with. When BF4 first come out, the shotgun class was like walking around with a nuclear powered rocket. They have nerfed it adequately I think.

LoL :smiley: I was either busy raging about how OP shotguns were, or I just joined in and return fire