Not happy with bf1 so far

Im prob gonna get alot of flak for this but i played the closed alpha on ps4 and yes im a console peasant in pc gamers eyes, but starting off in bf3, to bf4 to hardline and back to bf4, after playing the closed alpha im not that impressed with bf1, i know its new and a change from previous games and dont get me wrong after getting to level 55 in the alpha i saw many bugs and problems that i expressed to ea/dice, the suppresion holy jesus, why does it feel like i had vaseline in my eyes everytime i had an engagement, the killcam is straight taken from battlefront, the character movements look like battlefront. The hit detection feels like a mix between battlefront and bf4, the constant menu frezzing, planes might as well be flying coffins like the way the choppers were in bf4 at launch, the behemouth is just a big annoyance like the ac-130, commander and at-at rolled into one, tanks are balanced, and snipers, if your not playing this class your playing the game wrong, idk maybe i just had a bad run and things will change, because i really wanted this game to be awesome, im ready for the rocks and tomatoes to be thrown at me.

I haven’t personally played the alpha, but…

It’s not even in Alpha stage to be honest yet, in the watermarks days before the closed alpha it said ‘Pre-Alpha’ so this must be a VERY early alpha build. For all we know, the animations are placeholders. It’s still very early days and alot of things are bound to change, I don’t disagree with your opinion but I don’t agree either.

I can’t have a say.

Hrmm. Doesnt bode too well for the upcoming beta. Did you see the glitch video that was posted on this forum? Did you run into any of those

Yes i saw the video, and ran into some of those problems also, but not as bad as it looks in pc, the double iron sights, the vaulting prob, in my post i said tanks were balanced but one thing i forgot to mention was that in the ps4 alpha, after your tank was disabled by the enemy and if you repaired it to full health, it still would not move, you became a easy target for the enemy, dont get me wrong i do not hate or dislike this game, it just needs some work to flow correctly.

Guess thats why they have the alpha/beta process

you are the first one i hear thisway.

havent played alpha, but saw a lot of video’s.

to me it look awesome. it has something of bf2

Yeah - which is why I am very interested in this thread. First somewhat negative “review” of the alpha.

Look, im sorry if im the first to speak my negative feedback about the game, i have many friends who feel the same way, i just think no ones expressing how they feel, im not one to jump on the bandwagon cause everyone else is, if a game does not play or feel right, i dont care its not gonna get my praise.

No man- I absolutly respect your opinion, dont get me wrong on that. Perhaps I have been cruising the wrong places, as from what I can tell, the feedback has been pretty universally positive.

It’s a different game for sure, especially if you’re coming from BF3, BF4 or BFH. But I know a lot of people who played 1942, BF2 and some of the other earlier games but never moved on to BF3 and later. Those guys love BF1 so far because it’s a lot more like the old games.

It’s definitely more skill based and really infantry focused. It also needs a lot of work, but I think it will be a great game…BUT…it won’t replace BF4. I think BF4 will remain a very active game for a long time…

Concerning the comment about it not being Alpha or whatever it was. It’s a Stage gate process which means they develop the game up to a point until it meets a certain set of requirements. Then it’s evaluated and released through the Alpha gate. After that it will be developed further until it meets the Beta gate requirements. When it gets through the beta gate all focus will turn towards release gate (or production gate).

So pre alpha is the game state before it passes the alpha gate. Alpha state can be anything from just thtough alpha gate up to ready to pass beta gate…does that make sense? This is pretty common process in product development.

Well we know that the ALPHA was infantry based because we only saw the one map. What about when we get into trench warfare? Gonna be tanks rumblin’ over them trenches.

@Sawtooth75 Sounds like you know a fair bit about the development process (alpha gate, etc). Are you a dev?

I swear to god when I see Trench Warfare in action I am never going to bed.

LOL! Time for my fav gif.


I’m a electronics/software developer working in medical/scientific research. I’ve worked for big companies who use the same product development process. I made the electronics for this:

They use the same stage gate process for product development.

Ahh very cool man!

Yeah, that was a cool project. We worked on a new version that was completely automated and could hook up to the new fully automatic Electron Microscopes. But they cancelled the project after 2 years of development. That sucked…

Well I’m new to battlefield so have nothing to compare it to, and theres no other WW1 games on PS4 so I’m just going to try and embrace and enjoy this game for what it is, looks amazing from what I’ve seen.

Two years of R/D down the drain. Sometimes I will never logic of large companies.

They had good reasons for cancelling the project…which I can’t disclose…I’m still under NDA…

Ahh ok! Damn those NDA’s