Returning Maps

So the Battlefield franchise has a love for certain maps, that seem to turn up at regular intervals. With that in mind, what maps would you like to see make a return in Battlefield 5?

I would prefer Grand bazar, Seine crossing, Kharg Island, Propaganda (I’m sorry, maybe the German name :o ) , Golmud Railway , Shanghai (but not only one way to destroy the tower -.-) !

@The_Real_4ndy Grand Bazaar? Really? That was one of meast favourite maps of all time.

Zavod 311 with some luck

Yeah - I have to admit. Zavod is one of the greats. Loved the night treatment that they gave it.

@Skipperdog You are going to like the thread I just posted here.

Shanghai - Golmud - Kharg Island

Shanghai really did become an instant classic didnt it? Ever since I saw the first levolution video during the Battlefield 4 reveal, I was all in!

It’s an incredible feature but i do like the gameplay of the map while the tower is still up.

I agree, but in a competitive game, if you are getting beaten, it is easier to make a comeback with the tower down.

With that being said, I hate playing on public servers where the tower is down in the first 4-5 minutes…

It can get took down to quick i agree,maybe half way through a match i don’t mind as it changes the gameplay.

Too bad there are no sever side controls where you can control how long it will stay up. i.e Can come down after %50 of tickets have expired.

That could work i like the sounds of that.

Wonder if Dice takes feedback. I know I am not the only person who would be interested in something like that

I’m always tweeting them about various ways to improve on things. Sometimes i get a reply but more often not.

I cant even image the number of times they are tweeted at. I suspec tthat they have outsourced the team that monitors the twitter/facebook accounts. They are several layers removed from the people that actually make/decide on the direction of the product

Yes with 1.3 million followers i could imagine quite a few messages lol,with a reply or not ill keep sending feedback i always have.

Yeah - I am not saying do not send them feedback. I have engaged with @battlefield before for that very reason.

One day @bfforum will have millions of followers too! Just 999,000 away!

I hope you do and I’ll still be sharing my views on here with you too. :wink:

LOL! Thanks for your suport…