Sawtooth75 checking in

Hi, I’m Sawtooth75 aka Vincent.

40 year old family man with an unhealthy Battlefield addiction.
I’ve mainly played FPS games on single player or campaign mode until I got into BF4 multiplayer.
I’ve clocked in close to 2300 hours now on BF4 multiplayer, most of it on PS3 with my Clan GorillaZ.
Now I’m on PS4 exclusively grinding out my last couple of dog tags I need to unlock.

Played a lot of Metro, but switched to doing all assignments, trophies and dog tags. (First 2 are done, last one almost done)

EUUUU! Metro scum! :wink: Just kidding.

Welcome to the forum! Happy to have another “senior” among us, as I am in the same range, however, I am a PC player

I don’t hold it against you…each his own. :wink:

I love the PC graphics, but there are too many drawbacks for me:
]Expensive hardware
[]I’m a family man and don’t want to sit behind a computer to play
]Can’t handle mouse/keyboard (spent too much time training muscle memory on console)

All good points.

I too have a family, however, when the kids go to bed, it is time to bust out the 1080P PC! I work in the computer industry, so hardware is relativly easy to get for me.

I usually play when my family goes to bed.
But occasionally I play during the day as well, usually after dinner.
My wife likes to watch when I play so a console on a 46" is the logical solution.

I work as a software developer and BF4 helps me unwind and relax.

So geek to geek - what kinda stuff do you develop?

LOL…I’m a scientific programmer. At the moment I’m mainly working on iOS apps for Psychological research in the field of eating behavior.

Wow! That must be fairly taxing on the brain!

Kudos to you

Yeah, it can be…that’s why I need to wind down when I get off work.

Makes sense why you want to get away from the old keyboard and mouse

… You lucky b@$+47d :smiley:

Hello and welcome BF brother from another mutha.

Sometimes she forces me to play while I don’t want to… :wink:

Wow - the ultimate problem!

@Sawtooth75 long time no see man!