Star Wars Battlefront 2 announced?

… via EA investors briefing.

Wow - they are starting to turn into CoD - banging out new games on a yearly cycle.

I wonder how Battlefront 1 did from a sales perspective? I know that the number of players dropped off fast, so makes me wonder if Battlefront was “ordered” by EA as a trilogy

DICE has 2 studios but basically only Sweden makes the games. DICE LA supports them, but might start making their own games pretty soon (maybe they’ve already started, no one really knows) But they’ve been basically stamping out games every year since they started. But CoD is made by 3 separate studios, each produces one title every 3 years. DICE is basically only 1 studio.

But DICE Sweden has really grown the last couple of years and is able to produce and release 3 AAA titles in a very short timeframe.
Star Wars Battlefront: 17 November 2015
Mirrors Edge Catalyst: 7 June 2016
Battlefield 1: 21 October 2016

This means they basically have 3 core teams working on 3 titles and a huge group of support staff which can be put on projects whenever needed.

I really wonder how they will continue from this point on. If there’s a new Battlefront next year (which matches the regular 2 year development cycle) and they’re probably already preparing the next battlefield franchise installment, there is still room for something else as well. Exciting times we’re living in… :wink:

Battlefront reportedly sold 13 million copies which is a lot compared to battlefield games which usually sell around the same number of copies (give or take a couple of million)

But in general it’s not a success. Player count is about 40.000 to 50.000 on average in 24 hours compared to Battlefield 4 which still averages 150.000 to 180.000 players in 24 hours.

Battlefront is more a casual game and the multiplayer setting doesn’t appeal to everyone. I think that’s where they made a mistake, the single player mode should’ve been there from the start. There are a lot more issues though but I think that’s the major one.

They already mentioned that they will be following the release of the movies, so since the next Star Wars movie is scheduled to be released December 17th 2017 and the last one is scheduled to be released somewhere in 2019, you know what’s to come. :wink:

I do enjoy Battlefront from time to time, but can’t see buying a second one, would much rather go for TitanFall 2, recently uninstalled Black Ops 3 as I am just too big of a noob in that game, haha, still fun but it will never be Battlefield :slight_smile:

Wow :eek:, this is actually really surprising. I really hope they make it more Battlefield-esc.

I just think is too soon for another Battlefront game…They have a lot of work to do with the actual game, like DLCs and more updates

Not sure that I would classify Battlefront as AAA. It had a AAA name, but thats about it.

Preach it man! Way too soon All of the damn DLC’s are not out yet.

Worst part about is, one third of the team is probably working on this, the other third is working on BF1, and - yup…the other third is probably working on Battlefront 2. :mad:

All in the name of the almightly dollar

Good / bad of capitalism. :slight_smile: