Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC Teaser Trailer

What do you guys think? Enough to make you either reinstall this game, or purchase it?

I’ll be waiting until all the DLC is cut price or even free. Most of it should’ve been there from the start!

I see they also announced Rogue One DLC at the Star Wars Celebration this weekend.

Yeah- I cannot say that I am overly excited about the Rogue One movie.

As for the DLC, I agree. The game without the DLC is a shell. Not enough content to keep people interested

Yes, true, there should of not been DLC’s to buy in the first place, it should of been part of the game, like Respawn studio is doing for Titanfall 2, all DLC’s are free, or Rainbow six siege, all DLC’s are free, keeping people coming back to the game even with bad hit markers in R6S

EA/DICE are gradually releasing the DLC for Battlefield 4 as free content.

But why not all the DLC for free for Hardline… I crie evryteim

Won’t be long I reckon. :wink:

Haha, sure hope so @SkankwOn recently uninstalled SWBF as I do not play at all anymore, bought it for half the price so don’t feel too bad about it

Yeah - stick a nail in that game. Its done!

Been playing a bit of it this weekend, and it gets old really fast

Yes true, it’s a beautiful game but meh…

All those pretty graphics do not equal good gameplay

I saw your server invite but could not join via that or manually. :confused:

EA ruined everything… It’s not that their game has a fantastic player base… This would of been so much better compared to EA’s version of Battlefront