Star Wars Battlefront Free Map and Outfits

Looks like there is some more free love coming to Battlefront towards the end of the month.

Details on Star Wars: Battlefront’s free upcoming content appear to have leaked online ahead of an official announcement from EA.

According to a video released by EA Brazil yesterday (translated by, a new map set on Tatooine will be heading to the shooter for free later this month, alongside free additional outfits for Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.

The packs will form part of a free upcoming update, the video allegedly states, and are separate to the content included with the game’s Season Pass. Unfortunately the video is not available in English meaning has been unable to verify the claims.

Earlier this week, however, EA community manager Mat Everett confirmed that a new update featuring the “first drop of free additional content” will release later this month, but did not confirm exactly what the content would be. An exact date for the update hasn’t yet been confirmed, either.

There was a video orginally attached to this, but it has since been pulled by Youtube.