The bugs of Battlefield1

This is exactly why we go through the alpha/beta process. Some of these bugs are comical!

Luckily for alpha and beta’s, now DICE can fix these bugs, that spinning cannon and hit indicator is still a problem in BF4 tho

Agreed. Given some of the bugs in the video above, DICE have their work cut out for them to squash these bugs before the beta and eventual gold release.

Remember when EA said to DICE ‘BF4 must launch in December 2013!’ And the game was a complete mess… Hopefully DICE will grow a pair and tell EA to piss off

Wow, that’s a lot though! Nice one to the video creator. A few of those bugs are left over from BF4 suh as; The weapon not firing after a revive (until swapping to pistol), seeing through some walls in certain situations and dead players kits ending up far from body are some I noticed.

Easier said than done when “the man” is paying your wages.

Yeah - just about 100 days until the game is live. Pretty much ensures there will be a day one patch.