The next Battlefield game has a name

As a follow up to this, something that I missed earlier, it looks like the name of the upcoming game will be


That’s it.

I gotta say, that is kinda boring, but kinda awesome also. The folks over at Dice EA never were very good at keeping the numbers in order anyway!

I agree. Boring, but simple. Why over complicate things. Thename is fine by me, and it is almost as if they are bringing things back to the roots in a round about sort of way,

any idea on what time period they are focusing on? yea havent heard yet

Supposedly it will be modernish. No exact time period has been hinted at, but if you read between the lines, that is how things are shaping up.

BTW @Benderswe1 welcome to the forum!

BTW @Benderswe1 Welcome to the forum! I just noticed that was your first post.