The Official Battlefield Forums are no more

THis was just posted on the official forums… Guess we are now the unofficial, official forum!

Hello Battlefield players,

We’d like to update you on changes coming to the Battlefield forums.

We’ll soon transition our official Battlefield game forums to Answers HQ, so we can ensure a consistent forum experience, and bring all of our Battlefield forum communities together in one place. Over the years, this forum has been a great source of discussion from fans in the Battlefield community, and we’d like to thank you for your passion, discussion, feedback and creations you have shared with us.

The transition will take place on the March 31, 2021 with the forums going read-only. On April 7, the forums will redirect to Answers HQ and you’ll no longer be able to visit the current forums. If you wish to keep any of your written content, please save it before this date. For all future discussion after this time, the Answers HQ Battlefield forums will be your new home, we hope to see you there.

From the entire Battlefield Team,
Thank you.

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I greet you Admin.

I have a special concern for you, it’s about the announcement because of the change of the official Battlefield Forum.

I would like to ask you if you can archive the official Battlefield Forum?

  • All posts, links, pictures, etc. a 1:1 page image.
  • So that users can still read the posts, due to problems, tips, etc.
  • Would be a good image for this site as well.
  • I would find it sad if all the contributions are just gone and lost over the years.

Because of archiving, the following languages then:
English version:
German version:

Of course, the best would be nen 1:1 image with all languages, is probably too big too elaborate, and eventual costs. I suppose. I am only superficially familiar with websites.

I would like to take part in it.
So that the old community is still preserved.

Would be nice to get a reply, you can also write a PM.

Wish you a good Day.

Greetings, and welcome to this forum. While I can’t speak for @admin1 these are not the official forums, we are just a fan site, and have no direct involvement with the official battlefield forums.

Pretty sure someone out there is archiving the heck out of it!