The War

I had limited time to record cinematic parts for a video and I only figured it out on the second last day of the beta, so this is not my best video on my channel, but there will be more to come, it also depends how much server control will there be for Battlefield 1 as I would like to rent a server for BF1 for cinematic recordings, I usually make use of the Hattiwati tools but I could not make use of it in BF1 as I would of probable been banned by Fair Fight

Like this dude, music works really well. We have a Youtube channel aswell dude take a look don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE

I’m heading over to yours know to check out your other videos

Can you rent a one man server to keep the costs low? You know for creating cinematics?

Thanks @Self Destructive Gaming :slight_smile: will take a look

@Timelord_ I surely hope so, even if it’s a 10 slot server then I can do some magic, it’s still very unclear what type of server control we will have in BF1

I am sure those details will be revealed in the next month :wink: