Here is an photo of my dice tag

Nice man!

Thing is I don’t know how I got it

Probably knifed one of the DICE devs. They had several of those nights

Thing is I’ve not been in for a while but I did go in to an development server on the ps3

Thats probably how you got it

True but like I said don’t remember tagging anyone .

I asked around every one that I’ve played in servers with and on friends list no one has it

No big deal

Top dev loot!

Is it?

Could you have gotten it via these means - http://answers.ea.com/t5/Battlefield-3/How-to-receive-DICE-friend-dog-tag-dog-tag-for-helping-creating/td-p/505392 o_O

So that dice tag is rare then?

Damn, I thought you could only get the tag by smashing one of the DICE devs

Where did the photo go? WOuld love to see it

Photo is gone AWOL? Do you mind reposting?