Upgrade Time

A friend of mine is looking to upgrade his PC to the SKylake platform. Any recommendations on a decent motherboard that will not break the bank?

Has he already decided on the CPU/GPU and RAM then? Is he likely to do any overclocking as some mobos may be overkill otherwise.

Only thing that has been decided on is that it will be a Skylake CPU (probably 15-6500). No overclocking planned, so for RAM, probably just get generic 16GB pack.

ASRock has been my go-to mother board company for those who want quality cheap parts. Have your friend check out the ASRock H170 Pro4. The boards get quite a bit cheaper, I wouldn’t spend under $80 on a MOBO though. :wink:

I am an ASUS or Gigabyte guy, so I have been steering him in that direction. I will definitely send him the link.


I can agree on Asrock (little sister company of ASUS, I think) had one for my i5 PC, awesome motherboard and you get so much features with it, had the Z77 Fatal1ty motherboard

Asrock used to be a budget board, but they have certainly turned their reputation around in the last five years or so

I have generally been an ASUS guy myself; with you all the way, but ASRock is a good option for someone who doesn’t want to go over budget. My next build will probably be an EVGA board. :cool:

Hey grabbed the first item today. 16GB of HyperX RAM. Now, just need a board to stick it in :wink:

If he can afford a ASUS board, go for the Sabertooth, much less stuff which you don’t need but some extra’s which can be made of use, I own one and really like it

Yeah Asus are damn good mobo makers (and all the other stuff) but AS Rock ain’t bad on a budget, as already mentioned I think they’re a subsidiary of Asus. If he doesn’t plan on overclocking and doesn’t need all the bells and whistles ‘H’ series (or ‘B’ even cheaper) boards are cheap options but ‘Z’ series give much more headroom for future upgrades (and juicier PCI-e speeds).



Thanks. Asus Z series it is. Just need one that supports m.2 drives. Those things are wicked fast

No overclocking for this dude, so a middle of the road board will do nicely

Ah okay, nice, good choice in motherboard :slight_smile: