Weather on Game Mechanics?

I was wondering if the weather would affect the performance in the game. For example, I was considering the rain on weapons. Would the water on the gun assist in controlling weapon heat? Or involving fires would the rain put them out? What about movement? Will you move slower through the mud rather than dry ground? I was just thinking about that as I watched some game play.

Hi and welcome! There’s some good questions and I hope they can implement such details into the weather system, hopefully we’ll find out soon enough.

Didn’t they touch on this a bit at E3? They hinted at the possibility that rain could cause alterations in accuracy, visibility, etc.

I doubt that we are technically advanced enough to have dynamic weather affect the actual gameplay. I mean - on a rainy day, would that affect the traction that a tank has. Perhaps making is struggle to get up a hill? Really cool idea, however, I dont think we are at the point now where a feature like that could be implemented. Pretty demanding on the hardware