Weekly Battlefield News and Updates (28.08.16)

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Every sunday, we inform you on the latest Battlefield news and updates, it’s highly recommended to stay up to date on Battlefield news in order to easily find new topics to talk and discuss about.

The news for this week is in!

[]The Battlefield 1 Open Beta starts August 31st on PS4, PC and XBOX ONE and on August 30th for Battlefield Insider members and has been revealed along with a bunch of new information.
]A New Battlefield UI is now available for Battlefield 4 on PS4 and XBOX ONE.
[]The pre-load date for Battlefield 1 on PC has been confirmed and will be on October 14th, 2016.
]Season Pass has been confirmed along with small details, including 16 maps.
[]No C4 Horses.
]The official theme song for Battlefield 1, or at least a sample, is included on the new Battlefield UI.

[SIZE=4]Battlefield 1 Open Beta:[/SIZE]

The Battlefield 1 Open Beta starts August 31st on PS4, PC and XBOX ONE and on August 30th for Battlefield Insiders. This news comes from Gamescom 2016, an event held in Germany annually. The beta will include one map and two gamemodes, the map will be the ‘Sinai Desert’ map and will be playable on both Rush and Conquest with the behemoth being an armored train instead of a blimp. Also, you are able to ride horses. The map will also include the infamous ‘Flamethrower Dude’ as a pickup and you will also be able to pickup a character which is immune to headshots. More information about these ‘pickup’ characters are developing over the course of the beta period. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing these in action during the open beta.

New Battlefield UI:

Battlefield 4’s UI has had a massive update to better fit the new Battlefield 1 UI. A full visual overhaul has been added and Squads have been improved for a ‘better user experience’ when spawning on teammates. There is now also a recommendation engine that suggests maps, modes, servers, etc to you based on previous play. The UI is unifed aswell, meaning it will carry over to Battlefield 1 and Hardline, allowing you to seamlessly switch between the UI for each game as long as you own them. Battlelog has been removed aswell.

You can see the changes here in a video from a user named Coldape:

Battlefield 1 Pre-Load Date:

The date for Battlefield 1’s pre-load has been confirmed for PC and will be the same for both standard and early enlister edition users. You will be able to pre-load Battlefield 1 on PC on October 14th, 2016. Even though console users haven’t gotten a date yet, we can expect it will be the same as the PC version.

Battlefield 1 Season Pass:

The Battlefield 1 ‘Premium Pass’ has been announced with new details on content you will get if you order it, along with a price point. The Premium Pass will include new armies, maps, weapons and more.
The pass comes at a hefty price of $50.

Here is a summary of the content that will be included with the pass, taken from the Battlefield website:

As stated on the site, “The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass includes four upcoming themed, digital expansion packs starting with Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass in March 2017.”

No C4 Horses:

dynamite doesn’t stick m9, so riperino mr jihad horse

rip harambe

Battlefield 1 Theme Tune:

The Battlefield 1 Theme Tune, or at least a sample of it, has been released on the new Battlefield 1/4 unified UI. You can see the video here:

Or listen to a high quality full version here:

And that’s it for this week’s news and updates from the Battlefield series.

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