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Hi, I go by the name BrokenHelmet; I am a Screenshot Artist and I enjoy shooting photos that create immersive stories. I was hugely inspired by people such as @jds_captures @shadow6ix and @berduuu at the time around the years 2017 and 2018. Seeing them create these images was something I had dreamed of doing. I wanted to create something just like them growing up while making a professional portfolio of my own artwork, but I did not have any of the resources or support at the time. I decided to create screenshots and mini Battlefield movies with a group of friends and continued to build up my experience. I knew what I was creating was not the same quality as my Idols and I kept that in mind for a very long time. As discouraging as it may sound, I knew I had to start somewhere and do something different being less mediocre and more serious over the shots I was taking. I noticed how other Virtual Photographers would freak out over a simple shot I was taking on a daily basis. These shots that were, “Astonishing” or “Epic” were merely the shots I was throwing away in anger knowing I could do better and prove to myself that I could create the Quality Content I desired. Days after Months continued; When I became severely depressed from places like school or hearing my parents argue in the other room. My only Escape from the Reality in which I lived in was through Battlefield. I met many Great Friends throughout each Battlefield Game allowing me to bring them throughout my Journey as some of the closest People I know today. When I was a bit older I took a small Job and saved some money after a course of 8 months. My very own PC being a Pre-Built, but still very excited after the hard labor in which I could finally reward myself. I decided to take Photography classes around the time I got my PC so I could refresh myself over the skills I could use in the real world and the virtual world. The teachers I met were very casual in their own studies, as I had felt I had more knowledge than them. Not taking the classes seriously over the simple projects I was given; I felt the need to act as if I were new and really listen to the small words that the teachers spoke and threw out there. Using some techniques and rubrics for photography I realized that there was a lot more to it all in which I could incorporate in my own work. Around late 2019 I installed Hattiwattis cine tools and began my Adventure in WW1. Taking photos on PC was completely mindblowing as to how much detail you see in the game compared to the console. I was baffled knowing that I was using the tools of the many content creators I looked up to and it was finally in my hands after all those few years of just wishing. Looking back at my old content I am quite surprised I would even upload some of the things on my social media being very silly or low effort. What I look for now in my content is to be as organized as possible. In my photos or captions, I hide hidden messages based on my mood while creating war stories that flow between each other. I like to visit the places in Battlefield that are unfamiliar or more sinister as to what was left behind giving it a back story. At times I feel like a Detective knowing I can pull up a photo of any map or given place allowing me to flashback to these spots of any situation I came across in-game. One thing I have learned in my virtual photography adventure is that you can’t trust anyone, but you cannot be afraid to break them. What I mean by this is when you join a large group and you don’t necessarily feel like your moving anywhere, you have to cut the wire and do your own thing. Disorganization tells a lot about who you are working with and it is up to you to be the Leader to which that group looks up to. If you fail, you must destroy what you have created and start new. Surely the people you meet will be heartbroken in your mind, but if they do not care or share supportive ideas; Then they were never really there to support you in the beginning. Do things without the struggle of trust and you will succeed a lot more than you ever will isolating yourself. I hope to make this passion of mine into a career and help others find out what they are capable of in delivering a message throughout their photos.


Hey dude welcome I’m kinda new my self was a very interesting read especially the if it doesn’t work tear it down start a fresh motto,hope to see some of your art work and screen grabs posted here!

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Welcome to you both!

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@TheBrokenHelmet I cannot wait to see you post some more of your awesome virtual photography. The fans want to know, when are you doing to upload some more?

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To reply back… What would you guy’s like to see? :slight_smile:

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Nice to meet You and Welcome! Most Definitely, it works best when looking for Improvement.

I’ll post more; What catches your eye in Battlefield 1? I am Looking to hear from the players and would like to try something different I haven’t done yet.

honestly I’m bored of the usual plane tank soldier, not seen one big scale pic of multiple enemies fighting and it looking good like surely in the right groups you can private server it and get 20 guys to make it look like an open scale war and then take a couple of dope pics i just see same stuff different angle like,i want to seea story in a picture if you get me

I may not be able to get 20 players on with my connections, but I’m hoping the use of photoshop might help with this one.

Let us see some more of your awesome Virtual Photography. Does not have to be Battlefield. I am just amazed at how you guys do things.

Can you share with us your workflow for taking some of the shots that you take? What do you have for hardware, how do you capture the photos, how do you edit them, and then finally publish them

@TheBrokenHelmet a bit late to the party, but welcome to the forum

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Welcome here ! Looking forward to see your pictures!!

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Sure thing! For hardware I simply use my PC for Graphic Arts, and Phone for Quick Edits. Originally when I am going to take a picture I like to have a game plan and sort of come up with a story. These stories can either be from my experiences in the game, real stories I have heard of, or just completely made up ones based on the mood. When I am in any game, I like to confuse my audience by doing close up shots, aswell as using locations that are unfamiliar. There are already too many pictures of easily recognizable places, which is why I like to look for the locations that don’t have a lot of appreciation. Occassionally, I like to get faded for inspiration while looking at the Beautiful Concept Art Books created by Battlefield. I feel more engaged when I am relaxed and tend to question the ideas as to what they were thinking as they were creating this artwork. As for capturing photos, I simply follow rubrics when I am being serious about my shots, though overall it is for fun as I enjoy sharing them with the community. When I am editing the photos, I try not to do too much to the photos. A lot of people will occasionally burn, crop, or leave a poor exposure in their photos causing them to look torn up. With any program you use, people often think turning each setting up to the max based on what it says will fix it and make it look pretty when in reality they are destroying the image. I use Photoshop on PC, along with Photoshop Express, Picsart, and occasionally Canvas on my Phone. These 3 apps are Great to use as they provide many features, watermarks for logos, and run lots of useful tools in general. When it comes to publishing photos this part hurts a lot. Despite taking only 200+ photos an hour, Only a few will be chosen. Cherry picking the Best Ones that represent the story is important to creating a good work flow. The caption also has to fit in with this flow, as without it you become disorganized and will begin to “throw”. Overall this is my short overview of my work flow. I hope it helps someone out who is interested in Virtual Photography as creating Art is more than just gaining “Attention”, but rather more “Delivering a Message”.

Here are some of my works in other games. :slightly_smiling_face:


Star Wars Battlefront 2

Metro Exodus

For Honor

Fallout 4

Cyberpunk 2077

I would love to see a whole gallery on Cyberpunk. From what I can tell, it is one of the most “picturesque” games out there.