What's the best your favorite map for conques ?

Zavod 311 is my favorite by a mile

@Skipperdog I gotta go with Shanghai. It was my first exposure to Battlefield 4 in the demo, and since then I have logged hundreds of hours on that map.

If I had to pick a second, it would be Dawnbreaker for sure.

@Skipperdog My favorite for conquest (large) is Golmud Railway! It’s a real Battlefield!

@The_Real_4ndy That is a pretty bad ass map. If I remember correctly, that is the only map with a moving capture point. I wonder if that is where EA/DICE got the idea for the hotwire mode in Hardline.

I too have to go with Shanghai. Ever since I played it in the beta I was hooked…

Did any of the DLC maps stick out as being overly memorable? Right, now I am at a loss to even come up with one of them that is worth mentioning.

i would have to say operation metro is, for me at least the epitome of what battlefield is essentially, i played a 64 player conquest game on that map and it was literally mayhem, the battle went back and forth, each side gaining and losing ground, being pinned down and having to think on your feet, without a doubt the most chaotic and beautiful game i have had the pleasure of playing

For Metro is good for all our chaos, however, I dont think it would be considered a “true” Battlefield map, as there are no vehicles. To me, Battlefield was the first game to truly implement vehicles. Correctly.

based on that criteria, then my second option would be rogue transmission, also has the added benefit of being able to do ridiculous stunt jumps on a quad bike :slight_smile:

Off the radar? Man, I spent WAY too much time trying to rock tricks off that thing

Shanghai & Golmud i really can’t choose between them.

Shanghai all the way here

If I have a second vote, I would go with Operation Metro for the all out grind of it all.