Which Battlefield is your favorite?

I wish I played all the previous Battlefield’s, but unfortunately I didn’t, so I have no choice but to say Battlefield 4 haha. I’m fairly certain my answer will change once I play BF1 though.

To me, I think I will have to spli tmy answer in two. Battlefield 1942 is what really got me started down the Battlefield path, so I have much love for that title. the hours I poured into that game is crazy.

To follow up, I would have to go with Battlefield 4, simply as it was the firt “next gen” Battlefield title

Battlefield 4, I played a bit of Battlefield 3, Battlefield 2 Bad company and Battlefield Hardline, but have a ton of hours in Battlefield 4, I think it’s something like 2300 hours now in Battlefield 4

Damn man - thats a ton of hours. Fav map? Fav DLC?

Battlefield 1943, my first ever Battlefield and best one I’ve played.

Second favourite has to be Battlefield 4, past all of the bugs it’s an awesome game!

I think most of the Battlefield bigs have been squashed… Or are people still seeing them?> I know the rockly launch of Battlefield 4 was bad for some people, but for me it was relatively painless.

Yeah, it was a dreaded launch, but I could not complain too much as my PC was heavy out of date and could not enjoy BF4 that much, had a GTS250 and 4GB RAM with a i5 2400, the only part which was good, was the CPU

I play every night tho, if I’m not playing BF4 it’s probably because I bought a new game

LOL! I am still rocking an i5-2500 CPU, so dont feel too bad. Although I now have 8GB of RAM and a GTX 760.

It’s still a good CPU tho, well imo

Yeah - I have it clocked to 4.0ghz on air. Been rock solid for years.

BF2. Didn’t have to think long about that one either. My first BF and it got me hooked.


Lol, I haven’t played BF2 ranked in well over 6 years and still average 0.68 hours per day (2,628 hours played)

I went backwards with the Battlefield series (sort of), bought BF4, then got BF3 for free, bought BFH, then bought BF:BC2, the sniping in BF:BC 2 was fun! I use to play a bit of 1942 but never had my own PC back then so had to borrow a friends old PC to play it, lol