All 10 Battlefield 1 maps leaked

What do you guys think? Which ones are you excited for?

I’m just gonna say all of it! Even enjoying Sinai desert, the sandstorm is a proper sandstorm

I have a feeling that the forth picture down on the left may be Monte Grappa or Empire’s Edge again, because those soldiers are Italian. I suspect the 9th map will be one that features the Americans, because at the moment it seems like they only get one map which is Argonne (unless they get Chateau, though concept art seems to imply that’s for the British).

As for the 10th map, based on a leak I saw a while ago, I think it’s going to be another desert map set during The Battle of Fao Fortress, also known as the Fao Landing. It was the British amphibious assault that kickstarted the Mesopotamian campaign and will likely feature the battleship as its Behemoth.

I’m especially looking forward to Amiens. Not only is it a urban map built with BF1’s destruction engine, but the behemoth, according to concept art, is the train! Imagine that train speeding through the city, enemy soldiers in every other window. It would be havoc!

Amiens will be the best bf1 map

Reposting this on @BFGamersUnited

Clickbait at its finest.

But seriously, these aren’t leaks.
They’re someone who watched the trailers and attempted to link certain shots to maps based on their names.

Half of these are probably false.

Ermmm, the “leaks” actuallu turned out to be correct! That being said, I like your .gif stylin!

That makes them accurate leaks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So far Battlefield 1 is more accurate to it’s advertisement than any other game I’ve ever played.

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Let’s just hope that the leaks that will slowly start coming out will be more accurate, or reliable than the ones that we have seen and discussed so far here

While I liked some maps more than others, I don’t think there was ever a map I hated in BF1

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I have to agree, I think overall they did a good job with the maps. I wish I could say the same for Battlefield V.